Quebec Delta Exams are available!

Servicenow Quebec release is out that opens the window for delta exam. Exam window is opened from March 26, 2021 – June 24, 2021.

Delta Exams

Delta exams are simple, short, and non-proctored MCQ-type type quiz. For every certified developer (mainline-certified NOT micro-certified) it is mandatory to take this exam within the given window. Delta exams serve the great purpose to keep developers updated with the latest and greatest knowledge of the ServiceNow latest release (Quebec for now).

Delta exams allow up to 3 retakes if one fails in the first attempt. Every next attempt requires a wait of 24 hrs. Just in case anyone fails 4 times, then it requires to retake the training from scratch to get certified again.

Why take Delta Exam?

Delta exams are mandatory for certified developers, implementation specialists, architects to maintain your mainline certifications. If we don’t take and pass the exam then our certification will get expired and no longer be valid.

I personally love the delta exams as it motivates me to read through the release notes of the latest release. Being current with the latest features and changes always help me introduce new features available to the client and to stay on top of my team. However, the frequency and price of delta exams are way to much and that I personally don’t like.

Maintenance Fee

Below is the annual maintenance fee for the bi-annual delta exams.

Certification Maintenance Price 
Annual Maintenance Fee $200 
Source – Now Learning Blog – Upcoming Certification Exam Pricing Changes

The certified developers, implementation specialist, architects those who already paid the fee for Paris delta exam require no additional fee for Quebec Delta exams. They will need to pay for the next release; “ROME” that will be out later this year.

How to take Delta exam?

  • Login to Now Learning.
  • Click “My Certifications”.
  • If one is listed as At Risk, take the delta.

Tips for the exam

Soon you will see Delta exams questions out on LinkedIn, blogs, and internal company communities. That is the easy way to get the answer from the person already passed the exam and make it your win. However, this will be a lose-lose situation for you in the long run, and please avoid doing this.

Please go through the Quebec release notes and learn the new features and changes to stay up to date. You can easily pass the exam just by reading through the release notes. It’s a win-win situation don’t make it lose-lose.

Knowledge is power!


Quebec Release notes –

Delta exam pricing –

Thank you for reading and best of Luck!

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