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Checklists provide a simple way to track the progress of tasks without creating additional records. Checklists can be added to the form view of any table that extends Task [task].

What we will achieve in this article?

This article provides step by step instructions on adding a checklist to the ServiceNow mobile app [Agent, Now, onBoarding].

For the sake of this Lab, I have added a checklist on the case form on the platform. Now we will leverage that checklist in OOB Active cases form Applet under custom segment called To-Dos.

You can add a checklist to form applet of your choice.  



1. Navigate to System Mobile –> Applets and Create New. Select Details as Applet type from the drop-down menu. 

  • Name – To-Dos [your choice]
  • Icon – Article icon [your choice]
  • Fetch Type – Prefetch
  • Table – Case [Your source table]

2. From the Screen Field RelatedList click New. Fill the Fields as follows.

  • Type – Checklist
  • Field Name – Checklist [Your choice]
  • Record Id Field – Sys ID
  • Order – 100 [Your choice]
  • Description Text Type – Constant
  • Description Text – Checklist [Your Choice]
  • Screen – AutoPopulated

3. Open Target applet by navigating to System Mobile –> Applets. I am using Active Cases Applet. 

4. Under Form Segment embedded List double click Insert New Row and select To-Dos Applet that we created in the first step.

5. Save the form to add the embedded screen to the database. We are done now open up the Mobile App, navigate to the applet you added checklist on and you will find the To-Dos segment and under that, you will have your checklist. 

VOILA!! We are done. Happy learning!

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