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One of the question is circling around in the community is, How to add and access Applet directly in/from bottom navigation bar? So, I thought of writing a step by step instructions to achieve this

NOTE – This feature is only achievable via Platform UI, outside studio and the Release I am using is Orlando for this exercise.


1. An existing applet that you want to add to nav bar. [Create an Applet]

2. Navigation knowledge on the platform.

3. Your favorite Snacks and a cup of coffee. 

Before diving into the solution, here is the visual’s of output that we will achieve in this exercise [2nd screen].


1. Navigate to sys_sg_navigation_tab.list to open Navigation tab and Click New. From the dialog box choices select Applet. Navigation Tab List is not accessible directly in the left Application Menu. 


2. Fill in the Label [Your Choice], Select screen [target Applet] and choose the Applet Icon [your choice].


3. Navigate to System Mobile > Navigation Bar. Select the application nav bar in which you want your applet to add. I am adding it to Agent Application.  


4. Click on New on the Navigation Tab Related List.


5. Select the Navigation Tab of type Applet that you created in the first step.



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